Reduced shear and friction

The different sections of the mattress platform boast optimal dimensions designed in accordance with anthroprometric statistics and pressure mapping recommendations, offering increased comfort when sitting, reduced shear and friction, minimised risk of slipping downwards during profiling and optimised for shorter, unstable individuals

Height is no longer an issue

The flexible design of the Medley Ergo family allows the bed to be mounted at an extra low height, or a higher position if preferred, creating a range of working levels for the care giver and transfer heights for the individual. This is facilitated by the unique design of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted in both upper and lower positions. All side rails comply with the new standard, IEC 60601-2-52.

The Invacare Medley Ergo Low offers the same benefits as Medley Ergo, but boasts an extra-low height levels, thus maximising safety for individuals liable to fall out of bed.

Both the Medley Ergo and Medley Ergo Low can be transformed into the Invacare Medley Ergo Select with its stylish natural beech cover that creates a homely feel, suited to any environment.

More work done in less time

The Invacare Medley Ergo family has been specially designed for timely transportation in the transient working environments of nursing homes and medical centres.

As an option, it comes equipped with a special transport fitting so that the bed can easily be collapsed, moved and re-installed in a variety of locations. In addition, any assembling can be done without the use of tools or technicians, saving you time, money and effort.

Features and Options:

Wooden side rail

Wooden side rail

Full-length side rail in wood. Easy to mount without the use of tools. Available in extended version as well.

Steel side rail

Steel side rail

Full-length side rail in steel. Easy to mount without the use of tools.

Scala 2 side rails

Scala 2 side rails

A range of collapsible steel side rails in various heights.

Verso II side rail

Verso II side rail

A modern, collapsible steel side rail.

Homely design

Homely design

The Medley Ergo Select offers a more attractive, homely design for the Medley Ergo and Medley Ergo Low. Also available as a retro-fit, the aesthetic bed end covers fits with precision onto the bed actuators and can be removed at any time.

Medley Ergo Low

Medley Ergo low

The ability to position the bed at a lower level means increased security for users and real peace of mind when going to sleep. When necessary, care givers can raise the bed to a more suitable, above-ground height.

Shipping and Storage

Shipping and storage

Medley Ergo beds are very easy to store and transport when placed on the dedicated transporter.

Optimised dimensions of mattress platform

Optimised dimensions of mattress platform

Based on expert recommendations for anthropometrical measurements and pressure mapping requirements to reduce shear and friction and increase client comfort.

Mattress support

Mattress support

Choose from steel or wooden slats.

Select design for Medley Ergo

Select design for Medley Ergo

The homely design of Medley Ergo Select can also be retro-fitted.

Height Extender

Height extender

Height of full-length side rails can be increased by 150 mm.

Double height positions for bed ends

Double height positions for bed ends

Adjustable height ranges for Medley Ergo of 330 – 730 mm or 400 – 800 mm. Medley Ergo Low 220 – 620 mm or 290 – 690 mm.

Lifting Pole

Lifting pole

Light and easily adjustable.

Mattress support extension

Mattress support extension

Extension kit for increasing mattress support length by 150 mm.

Hand Controls

Hand controls

With or without lockable functions.

Transport fitting

Transport fitting

For easy storage and transport.

Technical data

Width outside inside

Width outside / Width inside: Width outside: 1020 mm / Width inside: 900 mm

Length outside inside

Length outside / Length inside: Length outside: 2240 mm / Length inside: 2080 mm

Height adjustment

Height adjustment: Medley Ergo: 400 - 800 mm or 330 - 730 mm Medley Ergo Low: 280 - 680 mm or 210 - 610 mm

Mattress support dimensions

Mattress support dimensions: 800 - 230 - 300 - 670 mm

Backrest angle

Backrest angle: 0-70º

Thigh angle

Thigh angle: 0-24º

Legrest lift

Legrest lift: 0-11º

Tilt option

Tilt option: 11º

Max. user weight: 145 kg (SWL 180 kg)

Heaviest part of the product

Heaviest part of the product: 17 kg

Frame colour:

Please note: the tilt function is only practised for users under medical supervision. The bed must not be used by individuals under 12 years of age, or by individuals with body size equivalent to an average 12 year old or smaller.


Pressure ulcer

Pressure ulcer

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Plus size

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