Great comfort and design

Invacare Octave is designed specifically with the bariatric client in mind. The bed frame extends to the edges of the bed base for enhanced support. An easy to use hand control allows the client to operate the bed height and profiling function. The Octave is a substantial bed, however its design includes all the well-known qualities of Scandinavian design.

Delivery and storage

To make delivery and transportation as easy as possible, Octave is delivered on a transportation rack. Dismounting and assembly of Octave couldn’t be simpler despite the size of the bed. Furthermore the transportation rack makes it possible to economise on storage space and makes the Octave very easy to move between locations.

Features and Options:

Lifting pole

Lifting pole

The handle can be adjusted in both height and depth.

Extendable bedend

Extendable bedend

The bedend is extendable and offers flexibility. Choose between 100 mm to 200 mm extension.

Support handle

Support handle

Makes getting in and out of bed much easier for the individual.

Technical data

Width outside inside

Width outside / Width inside: 1190 mm

Length outside inside

Length outside / Length inside: Length outside: 2210 mm / Length inside: 2070 mm / Mattress: 2000 mm

Height adjustment

Height adjustment: 400 - 800 mm / Total height: 1720 - 210 mm

Mattress support dimensions

Mattress support dimensions: 810 - 340 - 330 - 520 mm

Backrest angle

Backrest angle: 0 - 57º

Thigh angle

Thigh angle: 0 - 30º

Legrest lift

Legrest lift: 0 - 30º

Total product weight: Steel: 180 kg Wood: 199 kg

Max. user weight: 350 kg (SWL 385 kg)

Frame colour:

Complies with IEC 60601-2-52NB: The bed must not be used by individuals under 12 years of age, or by individuals with body size equivalent to an average 12 year old or smaller.




As a specialised manufacturer of support surfaces, Invacare is committed to helping reduce pressure ulcers, increase client satisfaction and improve patient outcomes.

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