When it comes to choosing a mattress, the choices available on the market are vast. It's the job of the professional to choose the right surface for a client, based on their individual needs and clinical requirements. Our mattress selection guide will assist you by suggesting appropriate support surface solutions based on the criteria entered.

Please follow the simple steps below to determine your recommended support surface.

What type of mattress are you looking for?

High specification foam mattress for comfort & pressure injury prevention
Advanced therapeutic support for prevention & managing pressure injuries

Are you looking for a solution for a specific purpose?

All purposes
Spinal injury
End of life

Can the individual be repositioned?


What form of mattress do you want?

An Overlay
A mattress replacement system

Do you want advanced shear reduction?


What is your required maximum individual weight?

247 kg
140 kg

Microclimate management is a constant factor to consider besides pressure management?


Would you like a castellated top layer for enhanced pressure redistribution?


What type of therapeutic support do you want?

Hybrid support surface
Alternating Pressure Mattress

Are you looking for a bariatric solution?


What Risk level are you looking for?

Low - Medium
Medium - High
High - Very high

Our recommended solution:

Recommended mattresses:

Please find below our recommendation(s) for a surface. Please note: a surface needs to be used in combination with a comprehensive and individual pressure injury prevention plan. This tool does not replace the need for clinical judgement or regular evaluation whilst using a product.

Your selection: