Pressure injury

We have some great quick guides highlighting the risk of skin damage and pressure injury development, and how this can be prevented.

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Working environments

Find useful information regarding today’s equipment and policies that can help you improve your working environment, reduce the risk of injury and help you deliver the best care possible.

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Knowledge about foam

Learn more about the specially selected foam used in the renowned Invacare mattress range and download some useful tools on how to take care of your support surfaces.

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This page gives you easy excess to some useful guidelines that have been put in place to reduce pressure injuries in the acute, home care and long term care environments.

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Clinical evidence

We don’t just say our products will deliver better patient comfort and reduced incidences of pressure wounds we can prove it too.

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The number of people with dementia is rising. It is a progressive disorder and there is currently no cure. What can be done? Find out more about dementia, including the symptoms and different types of dementia.

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Plus size

Currently 32% of the world’s population is categorised as obese! This already high percentage is still rising. Healthcare professionals need to education themselves on the specific and unique approach to treatment and care needed for these individuals. Invacare has created educational material with advice and information for both the care givers and the individual themselves.

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