Modern and flexible

The streamlined, discreet design perfectly complements any interior. The bed can be configured with steel or wood side rails, with or without an extra wood plate. Small details make a big difference to personal comfort: Etude Plus can be customised with auto-regression for increased comfort and reduction in shear and friction or a lockable hand control for increased safety.

The standard, built-in double-brackets are designed to suit each client’s unique transfer needs in different positions (entrance height of 400 mm, alternative of 330 mm.)

Easy handling & storage

Portability and storage are key benefits of the Etude. Its simplistic design allows easy assembly and dismantling without tools, and the process can be safely and comfortably managed by one person (each section weighs less than 25 kg). The bed ends can be easily attached to the transport unit making the Etude lightweight and manoeuvrable for handling and storage.

Etude Plus low

With the Invacare Etude Plus Low, thanks to the extra low height levels, safety is now even greater, ensuring greater protection from injury for those who are liable to fall out of bed. The low levels also make it easy for individuals to get in and out.

Highest possible safety levels

The Etude Plus conforms to IEC60601-2-52, the safety standard for beds. This is equal to the highest degree of safety for both client and care giver. In addition to stringent internal tests, Etude Plus has been TÜV approved. Etude Plus is compatible with three different ranges of side rail that all meet the demands for increased strength required in the latest safety standard for beds.

Features and Options:

Attractive and Homely

Attractive and homely

With its wooden plate on both sides of the bed end and full-length wooden side rail, the Etude Plus fits perfectly into any domestic environment, whether cosy or contemporary.

Etude Plus Low

Etude Plus low

The extra low height levels are an integral benefit of the Etude Plus Low, increasing safety and reducing the risk of harm for people who are prone to falling out of bed. The low levels also make it easy for individuals to get in and out of bed. The Etude Plus Low offers a range of adjustable bed heights, including 200-600 mm and 270-670 mm.

Built-In low version with double brackets

Built-In low version with double brackets

Easy and quick attachment of mattress support to bedends with different heights for different purposes available. The Etude Plus is height adjustable from 330-730 mm or 400-800 mm.



Improved comfort when seated, reducing shear/ friction.

Transport and Storage

Transport and storage

Easy to store and to transport when placed on the transport kit.

Transport Kit

Transport kit

For easy storage and enhanced portability

Hand Control

Hand control

Slim, ergonomic hand control. Choose with or without lockable functions.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance

IPX6 motors can be dismantled without tools. The cabling between the control unit and the motor is easy to access and replace.

Mattress Support Extension

Mattress support extension

For the ultimate in customisation and personal comfort, choose between an extension of 100 or 200 mm.

Britt V

Britt V

Full-length side rails in beech. Compliant with IEC 60601-2-52.

Line/Line Extended

Line/Line extended

Full-length aluminium side rails. Compliant with IEC 60601-2-52.

Height Extender

Height extender

Height of full-length side rails can be increased by 150 mm.

Scala Basic 2

Scala Basic 2

Collapsible steel side rail

Scala Basic Plus 2

Scala Basic Plus 2

Collapsible steel side rail with plastic inserts at the mounting brackets.

Scala Medium 2

Scala Medium 2

Collapsible steel side rail for higher mattresses.

Scala Decubi 2

Scala Decubi 2

Collapsible steel side rail for extra high mattresses.

Cover for wooden side rail

Cover for wooden side rail

Padded cover for wooden side rails. Cover remains in place when side rail is lowered. Available in standard, extended, short and net.

Technical data

Width outside inside

Width outside / Width inside: Width outside: 1020 mm / Width inside: 900 mm

Length outside inside

Length outside / Length inside: Length outside: 2190 mm / Length inside: 2070 mm / Mattress: 2000 mm

Height adjustment

Height adjustment: Etude Plus: 330 - 730 mm or 400 - 800 mm Etude Plus Low: 200 - 600 mm or 270 - 670 mm

Mattress support dimensions

Mattress support dimensions: 850 - 240 - 350 - 560 mm

Backrest angle

Backrest angle: 0 - 70º

Thigh angle

Thigh angle: 0 - 18º

Legrest lift

Legrest lift: 0 - 25º

Tilt option

Tilt option: 11º

Total product weight: 75.4 kg

Max. user weight: 165 kg (SWL 200 kg)

Heaviest part of the product

Heaviest part of the product: 24.6 kg

Frame colour:
Aluminium grey

Please note: The tilt function is only practised for users under medical supervision. The bed must not be used by individuals under 12 years of age, or by individuals with body size equivalent to an average 12 year old or smaller.




As a specialised manufacturer of support surfaces, Invacare is committed to helping reduce pressure ulcers, increase client satisfaction and improve patient outcomes.

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Clinical evidence

Having developed specialised pressure care products, we wanted to prove the positive impact they could have in reducing the cases of pressure sores in healthcare environments.

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